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Yuma county won Economic Developers' Council of Colorado "Small community of the Year" award in 1999. Yuma county is 2363 square miles with a population of 9841 in 2000.  They rank 12th in the state with nominal income of $23250 and unemployment rate 2.4 % and cost of living index at 0.834. The main industry is farming employing 39.8 %, followed by state and local government 15.6% and services 9.4 %. These figures are based on records of 1998.


 Eckley, named for Adam Eckles, was platted by the Lincoln Land Company. In 1998 it supported a population of 223. Eckley is located on US highway 34.


 Wray is located on US highways 34 and 385. John Wray is the person in which the town is named after.  There were 2158 people living in Wray in 1998.


 Yuma's named either from a teamster who work on the Burlington Railroad, or an Yuma Indian. In 1998 there was 3140 people living here.

 Other communities of interest:

 Beecher Island

Beecher Island is named for Lt. Frederick H. Beecher.  Beecher was killed here during the battle of the Arikaree.


First called Three Joes because three Joes lived in town. Joes gained fame in 1929 when the high school basketball team won the state championship and placed 3rd in the nationals at the University of Chicago.

 Abarr, Arikaree River, Clarkville, Hale, Happyville, Heartstrong, Idalia, Kirk, Laird, Vernon


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