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Logan county created in 1887 was named for John Alexander Logan, a general in the Civil War.  Also Logan was a United States Representative and Senator from Illinois. Logan county has 1845 square miles with a 2000 population of 20504.  In 1998 nominal income of  $22072 ranking it 20th in the state.  The unemployment rate is 3.3% with the cost of living being at 0.944.  Services are listed as the number one employer at 20.9 %, with state and local government making up 15.7%, follow by transportation 12.9%. The fame Overland Trail ran through the county.


 Fleming was named for the representative of Lincoln Land Company, H.B. Fleming.  H.B. Fleming platted the site on the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy railroad.  The population was listed at 419 in 1998.


 Sterling is the county seat of Logan county with a population of 11424.  Sterling was named for the hometown of David Leavitt.   Founded on the Union Pacific Railroad line. Sterling is also known as a hub city with the crossings of US highways 6 and 138 and Colorado highways 14 and 61. Nearby is the North Sterling Reservoir.

 Other communities of interest:


Named for the reverend John S.Atwood


Named for General George Crook.  The population of Crook was 148 in 1998.

Fort Wicked

Named after a rancher, Holon Godfrey held off an Indian attack.


The population of Iliff had 199 people in 1998.  A stockman named John Wesley Iliff, is what the town is named after.


Once called Buffalo the name was change to Merino has a population 225.


The Burlington railroad called the town Mecer but it was changed for the homesteader Peter Peetz. In 1998 the population was 183 in Peetz.


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