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Named after the 16th president of the United States created in 1889. Lincoln county in 2000 had a population of 6087. The  nominal income of $17240 with unemployment rate at 1.5%, ranking it 42nd in the state with the cost of living index being 0.869 in 1998.  Lincoln county has 2586 square miles.  The main employer is the state and local government 44.9%.  The next largest employer being retail at 14.2 % followed by services at 13.3 %.


 Located on the Rock Island Railroad in 1889 now has a population of 263.  Arriba is a Spanish word meaning high. The elevation here is 5228.


 In 1998 the population of Genoa was 206. The name Genoa was chosen after discarding Creech and Cable.  Cable, R.R. Cable, was the president of the Rock Island Railroad. A postmistress chose Genoa for the place in Ohio where she was born and Nebraska where she once lived.  Genoa has a tower for which it is said on a clear day you can see 7 states.


 Named for an early settler Richard Hugo. Hugo now has the population of 834 and is the county seat of Lincoln county.


 Called the hub city, has a population in 1998 of 2315.  In 1888, was a work camp of the Rock Island Railroad.  Limon is named for John Limon the construction foreman.  The Smoky Hill Trail and the Butterfield Overland Dispatch Route and the Butterfield Hedinger Lake Station were located at the east edge of Limon. As more highways, I-70, US 24.40 and 287 and Colorado highway 71, were built, Limon became the point where they joined.

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Spanish word meaning belonging to cattle.  Nearby was a water hole used by cattle drovers.


An early cattle shipping point for the Kansas Pacific/Union Pacific railroad.  Spanish word meaning cowherd.


Named by immigrant G.K. Kravig.

 Punkin Center

Located on the crossroads of Colorado 71 and 94. In the 1920's, building that housed a gas station and store was painted a bright orange. The owner's daughter referred to it as a giant punkin


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