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Kit Carson county takes its name for the famed frontiersman Kit Carson.  The 1998 nominal income at $23306 ranked Kit Carson county 11th in the state with cost of living index being a low 0.874 and unemployment listed at 2.2 %. There are 8011 people that live on these 2163 square miles in 2000. Farming employs 38.9 % followed by state and local government at 13.7 % and services at 10.5%, 1998 bases.  Kit Carson grows the most winter wheat in Colorado making it 7th in the nation of wheat producers.


 In  1998 the population was 203.  Platted in 1918 by J.J. Delaney, though the town boasted a post office in 1889.


 Originally two sites, Lowell and Burlington.  Lowell call so for the man who platted it and Burlington for the towns in Iowa and Kansas from which the earlier settlers came.  When the Rock Island placed a depot to the west, new Burlington moved in1889. The Lowell/Burlington became known as old Burlington. Burlington had a population in 1998 of 3193.


 First called Malowe for M. A. Lowe a railroad attorney for the Rock Island railroad that passes through the site.  It was later change to Flagler to honor Henry M. Flagler an associate in the Standard Oil Company.  Flagler population in 1998 was 594.


 Seibert is named for a Rock Island Railroad official Henry Seibert.  The population of Seibert was 187 in 1998. 


 In  1906 Claremont became Stratton. The name Stratton to honor Winfield Scott Stratton, a carpenter.  Stratton, the man, struck it rich after he had staked out a claim near Cripple Creek. In 1998, 678 people called Stratton home.


Vona has the population of 108.  Named for the daughter of Pearl S. King who platted the town around 1888.



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