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Sand Creek Massacre

Kiowa County/Eads Named State Small Community of the Year

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

Named for the Kiowa Indians was established in1889 with 1785 square miles. The nominal income for the county, in 1998, was $21563 and the unemployment rate being at 4.0%, ranking it 22nd in the state. The cost of living index was 0848. Farming is the main industry, 65.5% with state and local government employing 13%. Kiowa county has seven large bodies of water.  Blue Lakes located 15 miles south of Haswell. Nee Gronda (Big Water), Nee Noshe (Standing Water), NeeSkah (Queen) Nee Sopah (Black Water), form what is known as the Great Plains Reservoirs located about nine miles south of Eads. Many of the residents were instrumental in establishing a new railroad, Colorado/Kansas and Pacific Railway after Union Pacific had bought the rail line then abandoned it. Another startup company is the Kiowa County Growers, bio-base industrial oil.  Coming from this sunflower base product are drip oil, dust suppressants and crankcase oil.

Sod house at the Great Plains Reservoirs   Great Plains Reservoirs Sunset Dry Canal atthe  Great Plains Reservoirs

Fall at the Great Plains Reservoirs Fall at the Great Plains Reservoirs Sweetwater Fall at the Great Plains Reservoirs

Kiowa County Fair Sunset on the Plains of eastern Colorado One Ear Fall at the Great Plains Reservoirs


 The county seat with a population of 846 in 1998.  The name Eads was in honor of James Buchanan Eads, who built the Eads Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River near St. Louis Mo.  Established in 1887 after a couple of name changes (Dayton and New Dayton) and site change.  Eads is now located on US highway 287 and Colorado 96.


 The name of Haswell supposable came from" has a well  " as to pointing out a site where the earlier traveler could obtain water. Home of the nations smallest jail.  Has a population of 84

 Sheridan Lake

 In 1998 the population of Sheridan Lake was 101.  Named for General Philip H. Sheridan

Sheridan Lake was the first county seat of Kiowa county.  In 1900 a fire burnt down the courthouse in Sheridan Lake.  The people of Eads began a movement to secure Eads as the county seat. After the elections were held, both towns claim victory. A group of men came and "stole" the records and returned to Eads.


 The first town in Colorado to be built on the Missouri/Pacific railroad. Towner is located one and half miles from Kansas on Colorado 96. The named Towner came from a worker of the railroad, was once called Memphis. It is still remembered is the Towner school bus tragedy in March of 1931. Five children and the bus driver died after becoming stranded in a blizzard.

   Other communities of interest:


Once called Joliet located on the Pueblo and State line railway. Was a major shipping point for cattle.


 Suppose to have been named for a community in the province of Manitoba Canada.  In the mid 1950's there were a number of oil wells producing in the area.


 Named for John M. Chivington. The Sand Creek Massacre site located east of the town.


 A station located along the Pueblo and State Line Railway.


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