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Crowley county consists of 801 square miles and in 2000 the population was 5518.  Farming the main industry with 44.6% followed by state and local government at 34.3% and other services at 6.4%.  Crowley county ranks 56 in the state with the nominal income of  $12175 and unemployment at 4.4.  The cost of living index 0.919, all bases on 1998 figures. Established in 1911, Crowley county is names for a prominent fruit grower and state senator for Otero County, John H. Crowley.


 The population in 1998 in Crowley was listed at 265. As with most towns on the plains, it was formed with the coming of the Missouri  Pacific Railroad.  It is also named after the state senator from Otero  county, John H. Crowley.

 Olney Springs

 With the arrival of the Pueblo and State Line Railway the town of Olney Springs was born.  The population in 1998 was 392.


 Named for a businessman G. N. Ordway, who help raise funds for the building of a canal to extend the irrigating territory. Incorporated in 1900. The railroad station, Meredith, was moved to Ordway in 1891.  Ordway is the county seat for Crowley county and the population in 1998 was1169.

 Sugar City

 Sugar City was organized by the National Beet Sugar Company to develop a community for its workers. The population in 1998 was 282. Lake Henry and Meredith State Wildlife are nearby to provide recreation of boating, swimming and fishing.


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