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Cheyenne county was formed in 1899 encompassing 1781 square miles.  In 2000, the population was 2231.  The nominal income, in 1998, was $20122, ranking 28th in the state, with unemployment at 3.5%.  The cost of living index is also low, at 0.914.  In this county too the main industry is farming, 31.8%.  State and local government the next major employer at 18.7% and mining (gas and oil extraction) at 11.9%


Arapahoe, like Cheyenne County, took its name from the Indians.   Established in 1906.

Cheyenne Wells

Named for the Cheyenne Indians and the wells nearby were established in1887.  Originally located five miles north on the Smokey Hill Trail.  When the railroad, Union Pacific, laid track in 1870 the town was moved to the present site.  The population in 1998 was 1188.  Agriculture plays the major roll in this busy town. Cheyenne Wells has a Helium plant used in high tech manufacturing to cool superconducting magnets.

Kit Carson

Established in 1869, now supports a population of 304.  Named for the famed scout Kit Carson, was a supply outpost. Moved to its present site when the Kansas Pacific Railway came through.  Being an end of the track town was wild, with saloons, dance halls and gambling in the 1870's.  Mount Pearl School

Wild Horse

Named for the nearby creek, once a water hole for bands of wild horses.  In 1917 a fire wipe out most of the town.


Once a shipping point for cattle, built on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The peak of the population was between 1910 and 1920. When the highway was moved to the east, the town population declined quickly.

First View

Platted in 1904 when the Kansas Pacific Railroad came through.  Was named when the first settlers came because on a clear day you can see Pikes Peak.


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