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Welcome To Colorado   

 Baca county is located in the far southeast corner of Colorado, split from Las Animas county in 1889.  It is said the Indians made this there home as far back as 385 AD. The fame Santa Fe Trail passes through the area, coming from Dodge City Kansas to Cimarron City New Mexico. The population in 2000 was 4517 on this approximately 2500 square miles.  In 1998 farming supported a 46.5%, state and local government 26.3%. The unemployment rate was 2.4. With the nominal income being $19230 Baca county ranked 33rd in the state, with the cost of living index being the lowest in Colorado at 0.734.  These are based on 1998 figures.



Established in 1887.  Now sports 1500 residents.  Springfield is the county seat of Baca county located on highways 287and 160. Name Taken from Springfield Missouri, where most of the settlers came from at the time.


 Located south of Springfield on highway 287.  The famed Picture Canyon lies 18 miles SW of Campo.


A small community with a population of 183. Located 14 miles west of Springfield on highway 160


Located 10 miles east of Springfield.  Was incorporated in 1887.  The population is 105.  The shortest highway in Colorado (Hwy 100).  Vilas is the home of Country Lollipop factory, contracted to supply the Target stores.  They distributed over 70000 lollies a month.


 Walsh is located on highway 160, 20 miles east of Springfield.  Established in 1926 because of the Santa Fe Railroad coming from Dodge City Kansas.  They support a population of 695 with irrigated farming the base for the community.

 Two Buttes

 Two Buttes Reservoir, Turks Pond, and Black Pool are near by. Two Buttes host 65 residents and lies 10 miles north of Springfield. Two Buttes comes from the formation of land nearby.

Other Communities:


Became of being when the Dodge City and Cimarron Valley Railway came through.


Named for Mable Lycan who was the first postmistress and first teacher of Lycan.  She was also involved in establishing the telephone company and voting district. 


Oklarado located near the Oklahoma state line.  Takes its name from both Oklahoma and Colorado.


Once called New Stonington is named for a rancher.




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